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What is Vidalista 5 mg & What Is It Used for?

Vidalista 5 mg is an erectile dysfunction treatment that is offered in a traditional oral tablet. This medication uses the same active ingredient used in the branded treatment known as Cialis. Since the patent on Tadalafil came to expiration, generic versions of this great medication have been made available to purchase at drastically reduced prices. Vidalista 5 mg is produced by Centurion Laboratories in India to be shipped all over the world and sold through online marketplaces like ours.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is when a man struggles to achieve or sustain an erection satisfactory for intercourse. This condition affects nearly 16 million, or 48% of men inside the borders of the United States of America alone at any given time. This makes it the most common sexual dysfunctions wreaking havoc on American men today. Luckily, these men can access the medication that they need without the annoyance of visiting their doctor, and obtaining a prescription.

Do you struggle with occasional erectile dysfunction (ED)? Has the idea of visiting the doctor and local chemist put you off from seeking treatment? Are you fed up with the expensive medications available from your local chemist? Regardless of your situation, we have the answers you are looking for. Continue reading and learn how generic treatments could be the saving grace you have been waiting for.

How Does Vidalista 5 mg Work on the Body?

Vidalista 5 mg assists with the blood flow throughout the body ultimately leading to men being able to achieve an erection. This product utilizes tadalafil as the active ingredient, which leads to several functions occurring in the bloodstream. Once this medication has been consumed, it will begin by inhibiting the production of an enzyme known as PDE5. This enzyme, when active in the body, will inhibit the production of other chemicals required to achieve an erection. Once this has occurred, Nitric Oxide will be able to flourish throughout the bloodstream.

This step in the process of getting an erection is vital, as it will assist with oxygenating the blood, allowing for a better flow in the body. Once Nitric Oxide is present, a chemical known as Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) will begin to produce heavily in the body. This is imperative in making sure that the penis can become erect, and will also assist with holding the blood in the penis until ejaculation occurs.

Vidalista 5 mg Dosage & Strengths

Vidalista 5 mg uses only 5 mg of tadalafil, and is quite a bit less than the standard 20 mg recommended dosage taken once a day. For patients who have a low tolerance to medication, a minor severity of ED, or if it is your first time using this treatment, this would be an ideal starting dosage. Although Vidalista 5 mg is a low dosage, it will still offer long-lasting effects, however, for some may not be quite strong enough. If you are unsure of what dosage you require, this would be an excellent starting point, as it allows you the option to slowly increase your dosage.

This medication is targeted at men in long-term relationships, as it offers some characteristics that simply cannot be matched by other treatments. For patients who are sensitive to the active ingredient being used, this dosage is the perfect medium to offer its effects, but not put much stress on the body. Vidalista 5 mg is the lowest dosage offered in this product line, but there are many increased dosages available if required. You can get this medication in 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, and even 60 mg for those who experience severe cases of ED, and need the most powerful option.

How Should Vidalista 5 mg Be Consumed

Vidalista 5 mg should be consumed by ingesting 1 tablet, along with a full glass of water. Although the effects of treatment will not be hindered by food, we recommend that you take it on an empty stomach. Patients using erectile dysfunction medication should not consume any alcohol while on treatment to avoid possible undesired effects from occurring. To keep Vidalista 5 mg of the best quality, store it at room temperature that will never exceed 25 degrees Celsius, as well as out of direct sunlight. Store out of reach from children and pets, as well.

Clients who choose to use our website can benefit from the customer review section, which further proves the products abilities. Reviews have shown that Vidalista 5 mg can increase sexual competence, offer great results in the bedroom, and most of all, save money. These reviews affirm our reputability and offer suggestions that our online pharmacy to take into consideration for the future. We encourage everyone who orders Vidalista 5 mg from our website to leave feedback to help encourage others to decide to address their sexual inabilities.

Vidalista 5 mg Duration of Action

Vidalista 5 mg has an onset activation time of about 30-60 minutes, depending on the patient taking the medication. Concise timing of activation will vary based on a patients health, weight, and metabolism. The best way to take Vidalista 5 mg is before eating a meal, while being sure to remain hydrated. At no point is it recommended to take any PDE5 inhibitor while consuming, or planning to consume alcohol. It is also strongly recommended to avoid these medications when recreational drugs are being used.

By taking Vidalista 5 mg each day, men can perform sexually at any time allowing for spontaneity in a relationship, and sexual confidence being rebuilt. Vidalista 5 mg offers a half-life of roughly 17.5 hours. This gives men the ability to perform as many times as desired throughout the day, without their abilities depleting. Vidalista 5 mg remains in the body for 24 - 36 hours, so it is not necessary to take more than 1 tablet within 24 hours to achieve the desired outcome.

To experience the greatest results when taking Vidalista 5 mg, it is recommended to eliminate certain bad habits like smoking, heavy drinking, or the use of recreational drugs. By combining these practices with the use of Vidalista 5 mg, the body will become more sexually able under its own power, making this lower dosage function even better.

Is Vidalista 5 mg Safe for Everyone?

Yes, Vidalista 5 mg is safe for most men to use. This has been confirmed through the FDA Generic Drugs Program, which tests the medication thoroughly before approving it. Remember, this treatment uses less than half the standard dosage that is usually recommended, making it even less likely for undesired outcomes to arise. Because this medication is the same as Cialis, you will experience all of the same safe and effective benefits that it offers.

Vidalista 5 mg, like all medications, will be considered dangerous to use in some situations. The ramifications that should be considered before usage are as follows:

  • If patients are aged 17 & under
  • Those who use alcohol or illegal drugs often
  • Those with have kidney, heart, or liver disease
  • Those who recently had a stroke or heart attack

If any of these scenarios apply to you, we advise seeking medical assistance from your GP before moving forward with treatment. We keep our customers security, safety, and satisfaction as the main priority. We recommend that you make yourself aware of your current health status before moving forward with our treatment.

Are there Any Vidalista 5 mg Side Effects?

Yes, Vidalista 5 mg, like all pharmaceuticals, will have certain side effects, but that does not mean you will encounter them. This dosage is very low, so if any side effects occur, they will likely be very mild, and tolerable. Most side effects of Vidalista 5 mg that do happen only occur because patients misuse, or do not follow recommended guidelines. Before using Vidalista 5 mg, we advise reading the patient information leaflet (PIL) which we provide both on this website, and in the package of every medication sold.

Some of the common adverse effects that may be experienced are:

  • Nausea
  • Stuffy nose
  • Headache
  • Indigestion
  • Dizziness

If any Vidalista 5 mg side effects do arise, reviews have reported that they most often have gone away quickly. Should you experience an allergic reaction or a side effect lasting longer than you are comfortable with, then seek medical attention. By following the recommended guidelines, your experience with Vidalista 5 mg should be nothing short of positive.

Why do People Buy Vidalista 5 mg Online?

Vidalista 5 mg is not the only available generic we have available. Once you have entered our domain, you will see a massive selection of sexual dysfunction medications available. Here, you will get the chance to choose a remedy and the form it comes in whether it be a chewable, gel, or even an effervescent. These medications are always cheaper than their branded counterparts and can only be found online.

Buying these products online offers a multitude of benefits like our quick home delivery service. reviews have reported the best part of this entire service is being able to get their medications without a prescription, or online consultation. Additionally, we also offer bulk order pricing so that you can save even more money, and avoid having to reorder regularly. Our entire process is hassle-free and user-friendly to make your shopping easy.

Lastly, expect an immense number of personal benefits, which are certainly not limited to a better sex life. With an increased sexual ability will come a much stronger relationship with your significant other. Over a short time, you will gain more self-confidence, self-esteem, and immense mental health benefits alongside the main intended benefits.

Things to Know Before You Buy Vidalista 5 mg USA

You will not be able to locate Vidalista 5 mg in a high street pharmacy as they are not authorized to sell these generic brands. On our platform, you can order the quantity that you desire, while receiving further reduced prices for each larger quantity. When you order online, you eliminate the need to travel to purchase your medication, saving you time and effort.

When you buy from our online pharmacy, you will be the only person aware of the purchase ever being made. We use a 128-bit encryption security system, which ensures that all of your information is safe when shared with us. Unlike the high street market whose working hours are limited, we are available 24/7 and offer a customer service team who is on standby at all times waiting to assist.

Buy Vidalista 5 mg Online USA - No Prescription

From here, you should have all the information you need regarding Vidalista 5 mg, and how buying it online can benefit you. After you arrive at our website, browse the catalogue, and locate the treatment that you desire. After you have made a choice, add the medication into the cart after choosing your quantity. From here, you can continue shopping, or make your way over to the checkout section and secure your order.

When you arrive at the checkout area, you will be required to share your contact information, as well as your shipping information. Next, you will be forwarded to the payment page. Here, you will be able to choose from several safe payment options, including MasterCard, VISA and even Bitcoin. After the order has been submitted, you will receive an email. This will contain the estimated date of deliver, and the anonymous name that will show on your bank statement.

Shipments being made inside of the United States of America can be expected to arrive in 2 – 4 working days and it will be delivered to your doorsteps discreetly. For any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, who are available around the clock every day.

place your order for Vidalista 5 mg today at and get the relief that you desire once and for all.

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