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What is Poxet 90 mg & What Is It Used for?

Poxet 90 mg is a pharmaceutical that was created as a generic version of the most well-known premature ejaculation treatment, Priligy. This medication uses the active ingredient called Dapoxetine, which was created by Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals in 2003. After the United States of America patent had come to an end on the use of the active ingredient, generic pharmaceutical manufacturers were legally allowed to create generic options for the United States of America online marketplace. Poxet 90 mg is considered to be a strong dosage, intended for those men who struggle with severe premature ejaculation (PE).

While we do not hear about PE as being a sexual condition requiring medication, and mostly only erectile dysfunction, it is actually the most prevalent of the two. It is said that worldwide, between 30%-40% of men experience PE at one point in their lives or another between the ages of 18-59. This equates to more than 1 in 3 men who are sexually active not having control of their ejaculatory system, leaving them in embarrassing situations during sexual encounters. Luckily, this condition is fully treatable both naturally, as well as medically using medications like Poxet 90 mg.

Do you find yourself reaching climax during sexual encounters in just 60-90 seconds regularly? Have you tried to battle this condition naturally to no avail? Is your relationship being affected because of a dissatisfied partner, who is never able to enjoy lengthy sexual intercourse? Throughout this article, we will help you to address this condition, and make it a thing of the past.

How Does Poxet 90 mg Work on the Body?

Poxet 90 mg is a member of the SSRI, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor family of medicines, the same family that anti-depressants belong to. Originally, this medication was created with the intent of being used as an anti-depressant, however, was found to be more effective in treating PE in clinical studies. While most SSRI medications created to battle mental health take up to a few weeks to show their effects, Poxet 90 mg offers instant relief. This is the reason that dapoxetine was re-issued as a treatment for PE and no longer was being aimed toward mental health issues.

When Poxet 90 mg is consumed, it will begin to act on the neurotransmitter known as serotonin. It does this by inhibiting the serotonin transporter, which will then increase the action of serotonin among the postsynaptic cleft. The result of this will be a delayed response from when brain during sexual intercourse. This delay will allow for the man to last longer during sexual intercourse, as the brain is not sending signals to the penis to ejaculate early. Instead, this delay in the brain reaction will allow for an elongated period of sex to occur before ejaculation.

Poxet 90 mg Dosage & Strengths

Since Poxet 90 mg is a strong dosage of the active ingredient, it is incredibly important to be sure safe dosing is practised with every use. When it comes to any drug in the pharmaceutical world, there is usually not much room for error, as dosing too high can show negative effects. These effects can come in the form of simple discomforts, or side effects which may cause some men to decide the medication is not right for them. With this medication being such a strong option, it is advised to first take just a 50% dosage, to be sure a full 90 mg dose is safe.

If it is found that the half dose was not as effective as desired, then at this point it is recommended to try a full dosage. For anybody who takes a full dosage of Poxet 90 mg and finds that it is too strong, but a half-dose is not strong enough, we recommend trying Poxet 60. This should be a perfect medium for those who do not find that 45 mg is effective enough, or that 90 mg is too strong and causes undesired effects. Be sure to remember that this particular medication is intended for those with severe PE, and should not be a go-to option for most patients.

How Should Poxet 90 mg Be Consumed

Poxet 90 mg is offered in a traditional coated tablet form, the same way that most over-the-counter medications are offered. These tablets are recommended to be taken with water, and the user should be sure to remain hydrated while medicated. This will help to be sure that using this medication does not lead to any undesired effects. It is also acceptable to consume Poxet 90 mg with a meal, as this can help to be sure the concentration of the medication is not too high.

We recommend taking Poxet 90 mg roughly 1-hour before engaging in sexual interactions, as this will allow for the required time frame to ensure the medication is active. It is possible to use this medication daily, similar to how one would take an SSRI for depression. This can help to ensure that there is always a concentration of the medication in the blood, assuring that you are ready to perform at any given time. As this is a fast-acting medicine, simply using it on an as-needed basis will likely offer sufficient effects for men in need of sexual assistance.

Poxet 90 mg Duration of Action

Poxet 90 mg offers an average duration of action of roughly 1-3 hours when at its peak effects if it is being used on an as-needed basis. Generally, Poxet 90 mg will last longer, showing its effects for upwards of 12 hours in some situations. Since this medication is considered a high-dosage, it is likely to last a longer duration than those medicines using lower dosages of the active ingredient. It is important to take the medication at the correct time to get the greatest effects from the medication.

Several things can alter how long Poxet 90 mg will show its overall effects, and the length of time that the medication will remain in the bloodstream. Men who have a slow metabolism may experience extended periods of effects, as the body will take much longer to exert the active ingredient. This is likely to be the outcome for older men; this is because as we age, our metabolism speed slows. On the contrary, if you have a faster than normal metabolism, you are likely to exert the concentration of the medication much quicker.

Is Poxet 90 mg Safe for Everyone?

Poxet 90 mg is a safe medication for most men to take who need assistance with their sexual abilities. As mentioned previously, this medication must be taken according to manufacturer recommendations to use it in its safest manner. One thing that many people are unaware of with generic medications is that they undergo serious reviews conducted by the FDA Generic Drug Program. This program is in place to assure the medication is using the right active ingredient, with no adulterants present.

As with most medications, it is possible for there to be some complications that may arise when using Poxet 90 mg. Luckily, men who are in overall good health will not have to worry about this. Some men with underlying health conditions may experience contraindications while using medications like Poxet 90 mg. This can also be the outcome in situations of medications being taken daily to address other health conditions. Be sure to speak with your doctor before consuming this medication if you can relate to these situations.

Are there Any Poxet 90 mg Side Effects?

As it goes with all great things in life, Poxet 90 mg does come alongside the potential of experiencing side effects. On the positive side, side effects experienced from using this medication are generally mild, and rarely occur when the medication is used correctly. Before using this medication, it is very important to become familiarized with safe dosing practices, and respect the manufacturer recommendations provided on the patient information leaflet.

Some of the potential side effects that can occur from using Poxet 90 mg are, but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Heavy perspiration
  • Flushing of the face
  • Hypertension
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia

If any of these side effects are experienced while using Poxet 90 mg, it is important to remain calm, and try to always stay hydrated. This will help to dissipate the side effects, and exert the concentration of the medication from the bloodstream. If the side effects continue, it is advised to try to sleep them off, and they will no longer be present the following morning.

Why do People Buy Poxet 90 mg Online?

There are many great reasons associated with when men choose to buy their Poxet 90 mg from an online retailer. Generic medications like this one are not available on the high street, and are required to be purchased from an online source such as ours. When you order your medications online, you are not limited to just a few expensive options. When buying from our online marketplace, you can purchase medications for both erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and even medications that treat both simultaneously.

There are vast personal benefits that will be taken away from the use of Poxet 90 mg and other medications available on our online pharmacy. Men who use these high-quality generic medications will experience a better sex life, first and foremost. Along with an improved sex life will come a great improvement to a likely struggling relationship. Since a struggling relationship and sex life can lead to self-confidence problems, it is fair to say that using Poxet 90 mg can help men regain their damaged self-confidence.

Things to Know Before You Buy Poxet 90 mg USA

Buying your medication on the high street is simply not comparable to shopping online today, as there are so many great benefits to be had every time. Buying Poxet 90 mg from our online marketplace will give you the ability to buy without the consent of your doctor, as we do not require a prescription or consultation This saves you from taking the day off work to visit the doctor, and waiting in line at the chemist. Once ordered, your Poxet 90 mg will be delivered to your front door, utilizing the utmost privacy, as all orders are delivered with anonymity in mind.

Every order that is shipped from our United States of America dispatch facility is partnered with a tracking number, that is sent to you via email the moment your package is shipped. Our customers can take advantage of even further savings, thanks to the bulk ordering program we have in place. This allows men to save even more per dosage with each higher quantity that they choose.

Buy Poxet 90 mg Online USA - No Prescription

At this point in the article, you should be able to make an educated decision on if Poxet 90 mg is right for you, or if another premature ejaculation medication may be better. Placing your order takes just a few short minutes out of your day, and can be completed by anyone with ease, no matter their computer knowledge. After clicking on the Poxet 90 mg product page, you will see a quantity section, where you can choose the amount you require.

Add the medication into your shopping cart, and continue shopping or head over to the checkout section. After arriving at the checkout area, you will be required to supply your contact and shipping information in the fillable forms provided. Next, you will be directed to the payment options section, of which we accept Visa, Bitcoin, and Mastercard.

Once your order is submitted, you will instantly receive a confirmation email, which also includes the name we appear as on your bank statement, and the expected delivery date. Deliveries in the United States of America can be expected in 2-4 business days, while orders going to the rural areas might take take 4-7 business days.

Place your order for Poxet 90 mg today at www.rxgeneralpharmacy.com and get the sexual relief that you desire.

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