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What is Poxet 30 mg & What Is It Used for?

Poxet 30 mg, first marketed as Priligy, is a certified generic medication approved for generic use through The Office of Generic Drugs of the FDA. The generic drugs program states that this medication is safe and reliable for treating premature ejaculation (PE). This medication contains dapoxetine and is suitable for treating PE in adult males. It became the first medication of its kind to gain approval for treating PE.

For most adult men, sexual ability and performance hold significant importance in life. Any man experiencing premature ejaculation often experiences negative impacts that only add to the problem. The leading causes are psychological factors like performance anxiety and depression, or the constant fear of failing to satisfy their sexual partner. Although PE is not a curable condition, a short course of Poxet 30 mg allows men to regain control over ejaculation frequency.

Is premature ejaculation getting in the way of enjoyable sex? Is the expensive branded option simply too expensive? Perhaps PE is taking a toll on your relationship, and you need a solution? Well, in any case, you are in the right place. Continue reading ahead to find all the answers you need about Poxet 30 mg.

How Does Poxet 30 mg Work on the body?

The primary active dapoxetine ingredient in Poxet 30 mg works well in the brain to prevent PE. This active ingredient is classed as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) which inhibits the serotonin transporter to avoid serotonin reuptake in the body. During the onset action of effects, this active ingredient helps increase the impact of this chemical in the pre and postsynaptic cleft; the area in the brain responsible for sexual desire, focus, and calm.

Men suffering PE can take a dose of Poxet 30 mg to successfully extend the time between initial penetration and reaching an orgasm. This medication will increase serotonin levels in the blood and continue interacting with the pre and postsynaptic receptors in the synaptic clefts. The actions of this powerful medication allow men to engage in sexual intercourse and prolong the timing between initial penetration, and intervaginal ejaculation.

Poxet 30 mg Dosage & Strengths

Anyone taking Poxet 30 mg should follow the dosage and strengths guide to ensure the dosage amount fits the severity of symptoms. The reduced 30 mg dapoxetine dosage in this premature ejaculation treatment is safe to use as needed once within 24 hours. Poxet 30 mg is half of the standard recommended daily dose and is ideal for patients who prefer to take a mild approach with maximum benefit and even fewer risks.

Although the dosage is low, the potency of one dose will provide relief for up to 24 hours without requiring a follow-up dose. Poxet 30 mg will provide excellent support and solutions for men suffering from PE safely and effectively. It is essential to understand that timing is key to the effectiveness of Poxet 30 mg.

Taking a single dose up to three hours before planned sexual intercourse will ensure users get the best experience and enjoy healthy and robust sex without performance anxiety and fear. This medication is considered a great option that men can take to start combatting early signs of PE, although it may not be fitting for everyone. Fortunately, other options are available, including Poxet 60, which provides reliable and effective relief for more persistent symptoms.

How Should Poxet 30 mg Be Consumed

Users should take Poxet 30 mg exactly as per the safe consumption instructions indicated by the manufacturer to ensure complete safety. To get the best results from this medication, users should take one Poxet 30 mg tablet 1 - 3 hours before planned sexual engagement. After initial oral administration, this medication reaches maximum plasma concentration within 1 - 2 hours and allows men to control and extend ejaculation latency when engaging in sexual intercourse.

Each of these tablets contains 30 mg of dapoxetine and is taken orally with a glass of water. Users can take this medication with or without food. Patients taking the tablet with food are advised to eat a light, low-fat snack, or meal, and avoid consuming foods with high-fat content.

Users are strongly advised not to take a second dose within 24 hours to prevent the increased risk of side effects related to misuse of Poxet 30 mg. If patients find that this dosage is ineffective, speak to a doctor or other relevant health care professional to find a better-suited dosage before continuing a course of medication.

Poxet 30 mg Duration of Action

When this medication reaches maximum concentration, the effects last 2 - 3 hours, allowing men to successfully achieve penetration and maintain control over ejaculation latency during sexual intercourse. Once Poxet 30 mg takes effect quickly and clears the body to enable immediate effect with little risk. Once a user consumes one dose of Poxet 30 mg, how long it lasts is respective to the initial 1.5-hour half-life.

Although the average duration of action is seemingly short, the active ingredients are known to remain active in the body for 24 hours. Users can take one dose per day as required to maintain control of ejaculation during sex multiple times while the medication is still active in the body, hence why users will not need a second dose 24 hours after initial consumption.

Men using this medication now have the ability and freedom of enjoying satisfying sex for hours without the fear of PE. This medication is an immediate release, short-term solution that lasts long enough for men to feel empowered and confident before and during sexual intercourse.

Is Poxet 30 mg Safe for Everyone?

Yes, Poxet 30 mg is safe to use for treating PE when taken as per the usage and instructions guide instructed by a medical professional. The FDA tests the safety of this medication in the county of manufacture. The reviews and testing procedures are in place to carefully monitor and evaluate how this medication works in the body to ensure it matches the patented version. Comprehensive assessments and tests are in place to ensure Poxet 30 mg is bioequivalent to the patented version.

Both versions work similarly in the brain as an SSRI and carry the same approved standards in safety, strength, dosage, and quality. Men using Poxet 30 mg feel an extra sense of confidence knowing that taking a low dose of incredibly safe, powerful, and effective PE medication. Men can spend more time enjoying longer-lasting sex instead of worrying about dissatisfying sex or ejaculating soon after vaginal penetration.

The safety measures ensure complete safety to users with no potential risk. However, this medication is unsafe for a select group of patients. This medication may not be safe for people suffering from heart conditions or who recently suffered a heart attack or stroke. People allergic to dapoxetine should not take this medication to prevent adverse reactions.

Are there Any Poxet 30 mg Side Effects?

Yes, there are minor side effects associated with Poxet 30 mg. Fortunately, this low dose of dapoxetine is considered incredibly safe to use, and the risk of side effects is rare when taken responsibly. Patients using this medication can rest assured knowing that the testing procedures conducted by the generic drugs program determine that the benefits outweigh any known side effects. On occasions where side effects do occur, users can minimize the impact by keeping hydrated and remaining calm and relaxed while the medication metabolizes from the body entirely.

The minor side effects associated with Poxet 30 mg include, but are not limited to:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhoea

On extremely infrequent occasions, the less common side effect associated with Poxet 30 mg include, but are not limited to:

  • Fainting
  • Insomnia
  • Mild breathing difficulty
  • Blurred vision

Poxet 30 mg is considered safe for men when treating PE. Patients should seek medical assistance immediately in the unlikely event that serious side effects occur when taking this medication. Users can find a comprehensive list of side effects associated with this medication on the Patient Information Leaflet available at our website.

Why do People Buy Poxet 30 mg Online?

More people buy Poxet 30 mg online to take advantage of our online services excellent benefits. All medications are available exclusively online in various forms, types, and dosages to treat PE, ED and both combined. This medication is licenced, approved, and accessible 24/7 meaning more people can now better position themselves when tackling PE safely, smarter, and subtly.

All medications on our website are available prescription-free, so no more consultations and regular appointments with a medical professional. Men from all walks of life choose to buy Poxet 30 mg online to save time, money, and the potential embarrassment of dealing with PE face to face. Whether patients PE symptoms are short-lived, or the effects are chronic, our online pharmacy offers the right solution tailored to fit our clients individual needs.

Our online pharmacies strict client confidentiality agreement ensures all of the details our clients provide are kept entirely private and stored on an encrypted system to prevent third-party access. The ability to buy Poxet 30 mg online effectively allows more men to focus on living a better life without PE.

Things to Know Before You Buy Poxet 30 mg USA

Market brand medicine and their generic counterparts are nearly identical in quality and safety. The most noticeable difference that sets both apart is the price and accessibility. On our marketplace, we understand that regaining control of PE symptoms is the main goal for most customers. So, to add convenience and confidentiality, and customer care to the mix, here are some things to know before you Buy Poxet 30 mg in the United States of America.

When undertaking a price comparison, customers find that medication prices from our website compared to local pharmacies are up to five times less for the same medication. Furthermore, genuine medicines sold online are prescription free, so there is no need to make regular appointments with the doctor for prescriptions.

The service we provide customers means we do the leg work and take the hassle of getting effective medication without a hitch. Poxet 30 mg and our range of medications are accessible online 24/7 from your home, and our secure payment options give added security and assurance to our client base. All purchases are delivered to the door in the United States of America to add further confidence and discretion.

Buy Poxet 30 mg Online USA - No Prescription

There you have it. As promised, we are confident that you are now fully prepared and ready to order Poxet 30 mg online in the United States of America. We make that straightforward. Directly from our secure website where you have the first choice of the best prescription-free medications followed by the quantity, before continuing to shop or proceed to checkout following the easy step-by-step ordering guide.

When you are happy with your selection, proceed to checkout by entering your contact details, including email, phone, and billing address details. The final step of the ordering process is to make a payment using the safe and secure payment methods we offer, including VISA, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. When your funds are received, we send an email with your purchase receipt, the discreet descriptor name on your bank statement and the delivery time and date.

Our USA-based team carefully handles confirmed orders and discreetly packs and labels them to ensure all customers security and satisfaction. Before packages are dispatched for delivery, a unique tracking code is attached to allow real-time delivery updates right to the door. Our fast and friendly delivery service discreetly sends all the United States of America orders to the doorstep within 8 - 10 working days. Our fantastic customer support services are available 24/7 and will promptly handle all client queries.

Now is your time to regain control and get back to enjoying longer-lasting sex without fear. Place your order for Poxet 30 mg at www.rxgeneralpharmacy.com.

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