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What is Extra Super P Force & What Is It Used for?

Now before we get into the finer details on Extra Super P Force, there are a few things to remember. This medication is considered a generic option for both the branded Viagra and Priligy. When the patent for these two medications expired, it allowed other pharmaceutical companies to start producing and selling their own versions. This medication is a product of the company Sunrise Remedies and can be easily acquired online in the United States of America.

Premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED) are the two sexual dysfunctions affecting men each year around the globe. As more and more men become aware of these conditions and how they can impact their daily life, it is no surprise that there is a demand for a simpler solution. Thankfully, with generics like Extra Super P Force, men have the best solution to tackle not just one, but both conditions at once.

Is your sexual performance starting to affect your relationship? Are you tired of embarrassing sexual encounters draining your self-esteem? Or are you simply in need of a cheaper solution to take on both ED and PE? Regardless of your situation, we have the perfect solution for you. Continue reading to learn about all the reasons why Extra Super P Force may be the answer you have been searching for.

How Does Extra Super P Force Work on the Body?

We have now established that Extra Super P Force is a generic option for not one, but two separate branded treatments. The two active ingredients each work in their own way, providing men with effective relief from both the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). To understand how this medication works we must take a look at each ingredient individually.

The first active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, belongs to the class of medications known as PDE-5 inhibitors. This type of medication functions in the body by halting phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) enzymes from producing, essentially eliminating its function. Doing this increases the production of the chemical cGMP; which is known to increase the ability to achieve an erection. The increased levels of cGMP throughout the body provide heightened relaxation, while widening the blood vessels in the genitals, a process known as vasodilation.

The second active ingredient, dapoxetine, belongs to the SSRI class of medications. Meaning that it works on the body by increasing the levels of serotonin, which causes a delay in the response of the brain that is responsible for controlling ejaculation. This medicine essentially desensitizes the penis and provides improved control over the time it takes to ejaculate.

Extra Super P Force Dosage & Strengths

Since Extra Super P Force is a dual-action treatment that utilizes two different ingredients, we will begin with it containing 100 mg of sildenafil. This is the standard recommended dose for alleviating the symptoms associated with mild-moderate forms of ED. The second active ingredient that is utilized by Extra Super P Force is, of course, Dapoxetine. This medication uses 100 mg of the active ingredient, which compared to the standard premature ejaculation treatment dose of 60 mg is surely enough to treat all forms of PE.

As you may have taken in, Extra Super P Force is designed for men who are struggling with moderate severities of ED, but find themselves in need of much better ejaculatory control. It is imperative to only take this medication one time within 24 hours, as the concentration of the ingredients will be too high in the bloodstream otherwise. Be sure not to take Extra Super P Force with any alcohol, or recreational drugs or under the age of 18.

How Should Extra Super P Force Be Consumed

When you take Extra Super P Force looking for the best possible results, it is advisable to consume it in the recommended 30 - 60 minutes before participating in any sexual activity. Similar to traditional medication, including erectile dysfunction treatment, Extra Super P Force comes manufactured in a tablet form. It is advised to not crush, chew, or break the tablet when taking it and to swallow it whole with a drink of water.

Patients who take Extra Super P Force before consuming a meal will experience maximum effects, although, it can be taken together with a light snack or meal. When you take this medication with a large or high-fat meal you may expect to notice a minor delay in the onset time. According to many positive user reviews, patients taking Extra Super P Force as per directions provided with the medication experience the best result with minimal risk.

Extra Super P Force Duration of Action

Patients taking Extra Super P Force according to the guidelines provided with the medication typically experience the peak effects for 4 - 6 hours on average. However, some have reported that they experience the effects of the medication for extended periods. The reason for this is that not every person metabolises medicines in the same manner. Several things may come into play, such as age, weight, underlying health conditions, and simply the speed at which your body metabolises medicine.

Both of the active ingredients found in Extra Super P Force can remain in the body for up to 24 hours, however, the effects will not be as strong as they are within the first 4 - 6 hours of consumption. Again, it is important to note that taking this medication more than once within 24 hours is not recommended. In the event that the dosage is ineffective they should wait a full 24 hours before increasing the dosage.

Is Extra Super P Force Safe for Everyone?

Yes, Extra Super P Force is known to be safe for most men choosing to take it. Even though this medication contains two separate active ingredients, it offers a highly regarded safety profile, identical to that of its branded counterparts. A worthy mention of this medication is its approval from The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Generic Drugs Program. This program addresses all generic medicines, assuring they use the proper ingredients with no adulterants. They will also check the facility in which a medication is manufactured to be sure it is a sanitary environment.

While Extra Super P Force retains a promising safety profile, certain people are advised to first follow up with their doctor or a licensed healthcare professional before taking it. This includes people who have recently suffered a heart attack or stroke, patients with sensitivities or allergies to the ingredients in Extra Super P Force and those who suffer severe liver or kidney disease.

Are There Any Extra Super P Force Side Effects?

Yes, alongside the desired relief that any medication provides there will always be the risk of side effects being experienced when using them. Even though Extra Super P Force contains two separate active ingredients, the most typically experienced symptoms are reported as short-lived and mild. Before taking any medication, especially for the first time, it is important to get familiar with the potential side effects that are associated with it. A short list of the most commonly experienced side effects includes but are not limited to:

  • Flushing of the face
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Muscle pains
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Skin rashes

While the chances may be minimal, some more severe side effects can be experienced when taking Extra Super P Force. These include symptoms such as seizures, adverse skin reactions, sudden loss of vision, cardiac arrest, changes in colour perception, binocular vision, and Priapism. If you do experience any of the above-mentioned side effects, it is advised to discontinue taking this medicine and speak to your doctor.

In order to minimize the risk of experiencing any side effects when taking this medicine, it is recommended to stick to the manufacturers usage and dosage guidelines. To see the comprehensive list of the side effects that are associated with Extra Super P Force, be sure to check our website for the patient information leaflet (PIL).

Why do People Buy Extra Super P Force Online?

To add to the mentioned reasons why many men purchase Extra Super P Force for improved sexual stamina and performance, there are several advantages of purchasing medications like this online. These generic treatments are only available online at trusted providers such as our online pharmacy. We offer a wide selection of generic medications with names such as Sildigra Super Power alongside many other effective options. At our online pharmacy, we offer medicines in various forms and doses, each of which offers its own unique qualities that cater to any specific need or preference.

Generic medications like Extra Super P Force come with added advantages over their branded counterparts. Firstly, generic medications can be purchased at our online pharmacy at a fraction of the price compared to branded solutions. In addition to that, the best part is that these medications can be purchased without needing any appointments, online consultations, or prescriptions. When purchasing Extra Super P Force at our online pharmacy we provide the best online shopping experience with many more benefits.

Things to Know Before You Buy Extra Super P Force USA

In addition to what has already been touched on, there are some specifics to remember when you purchase Extra Super P Force from our online pharmacy. We all know, sexual dysfunctions can be embarrassing to speak about, causing most to dread visits to the doctor or chemist. Thankfully, with the generic pharmaceutical world being heavily involved in online sales, men can acquire the medication that they need without all the hassle usually involved.

When purchasing Extra Super P Force from our trusted online pharmacy, we offer additional benefits and advantages that only come when purchasing your pharmaceuticals online. These will include advantages such as secured payment methods that guarantee complete customer privacy and protection. Our fast home delivery service guarantees that any orders will be delivered in a matter of days. Absolute discretion is practised, with all orders arriving in unbranded and simple packaging.

When it comes to placing your order for top-quality treatments like Extra Super P Force at our website, we offer incredible savings on bulk orders. We encourage everyone to check the pricing for bulk orders to see if this is a program they think could benefit them financially.

Buy Extra Super P Force Online USA - No Prescription

Now that you are familiar with the ground-breaking aspects of Extra Super P Force, the last thing to do is finalize your purchase. When using our online pharmacy, we make ordering pharmaceuticals a walk in the park. Simply choose the medication you desire from our homepage along with the quantity you desire. Do not forget about the bulk ordering program, as this is where you are able to take advantage of it. Once you have completed this, you may continue to browse, or head to the checkout to complete your order.

After arriving at the checkout, you will be required to share your contact and shipping information, before reaching the payment page. We accept payment in convenient forms such as MasterCard, Bitcoin, and VISA. Once you complete a purchase at our website, a confirmation email will automatically be sent. In this email will be the details such as the descriptor name appearing on your banking statement and the estimated date of delivery.

Regardless of whether you are ordering from anywhere around the United States of America, we ensure our quick home delivery service will have your package to you fast. Orders take as little as 2 business days for major towns or cities in the United States of America, while rural or remote locations take an average of 8 - 10 business days and it will be delivered to your doorsteps discreetly. Get in contact with our friendly customer support team if you have any questions or order complications that arise.

Place your order for Extra Super P Force at www.rxgeneralpharmacy.com and beat your sexual dysfunctions today.

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