Delivery information

Thank you for shopping with us. As one of the leading online pharmacies based in the USA, we can provide you with regular treatment for nearly any form of sexual dysfunction. Our site can help you get erectile dysfunction treatment, female sexual dysfunction treatment and even premature ejaculation treatment with ease.

Whichever product you order is packaged by us, in our dispatch centre in the USA, before it is sent out with one of the courier companies we are partnered with. This ensures that nobody other than you know what your parcel contains. The courier company will then deliver your package to whichever address was provided.

We Package to Ensure Your Privacy

Sexual dysfunction is not something that anyone should be embarrassed about, as it is an entirely natural part of life. Nonetheless, we understand that it may not necessarily be something people would like to discuss openly, and you would prefer if people did not know you bought tadalafil to help treat it. As such, we take several measures to ensure that your privacy is respected, even if you request for us to have your parcel delivered to a public location.

All parcels are sent in unlabelled packaging that gives away no hint to what could be inside. Furthermore, we use a discreet descriptor name that will appear on the delivery waybill. Finally, all parcels are sent with a unique tracking number, allowing you to monitor the whereabouts of your package through every step of the delivery process.

United States of America Deliveries

Anything ordered from our site will be sent from our USA home base. As a result, the delivery fee attached can vary depending on where you are ordering from. The price will be included in the final payment when you finalize your order on our checkout page. You do not need to worry about any hidden fees regarding our services.

The couriers we use to arrange your delivery are not affiliated with our business, and we cannot be held responsible for mistakes made on their end. If for any reason they failed to deliver you sildenafil-based medicine, you can contact our customer support centre for them to speak to the courier company on your behalf. Failed deliveries will return to the nearest delivery branch and resent the following day. Before re-arranging another delivery, the delivering branch would likely attempt to contact you first. Ensure that the contact number that is provided is correct.

Estimated Delivery Time After Ordering

Like the delivery fee, the estimated time it would take for your parcel to be delivered is calculated using your distance from our dispatch facility. A package should at no point take longer than 10 business days to reach your address. For USA addresses, the maximum amount of time should only be 8 business days, as the parcels are sent using a domestic delivery service.

There is always the possibility of delays. These delays can be caused by several possible reasons, like a busy delivery season, a large number of orders from our site,, and the involvement of customs during international deliveries. In these events, we apologise for the inconvenience and request that you inquire about the status of your parcel with our customer support team.

Customs Involvement in International Deliveries

Any deliveries, regardless of whether it is dapoxetine, vardenafil or flibanserin, could be delayed by customs depending on the specific import laws of your country of residence. If the customs laws for your country require additional fees or taxes to have your parcel cleared, it would be the responsibility of the buyer. We accept no responsibility related to the import laws of the country. Our customer support can guide you further on this if you have further questions.

Lost Orders

Please contact our customer support centre if you have not received your parcel within the allotted time frame. There are rare occasions where the courier company may have misplaced a parcel, and we would need to inform them of the situation so they can track it down. Packages will only be considered lost after 28 days beyond the estimated delivery time.

If your parcel is lost because of inadequate or incorrect information, we will not be able to take responsibility for it. However, if your package is lost because of mistakes made by our partnered courier company or us, we will escalate your concerns to management. It will then be looked at in more depth, and a replacement will be sent if necessary.